Monday, December 15, 2008

Cowgirl Chocolates

First, let me apologize for these awful pictures. I left my camera somewhere, my daughter's camera had a dead battery and she can't find her charger, so I was relegated to use my husband's SLR camera that I know nothing about and could not figure out how to take a picture without the blur.

I am participating in the Tastemaster program with Foodbuzz. Foodbuzz sends products for me to try out and I write about them. From time to time I will blog about a product they send and this is one of those times. Don't run away because you may find some really neat products you will be interested in trying yourself.
We sampled Cowgirl Chocolates yesterday. By we I am talking about Kaitlin and I. Cowgirl Chocolates are sweet, spicy gourmet chocolates. We could not wait to dive into this box of confections. The packaging of this product is fantastic. The round sticker is a sepia tone with a woman aiming a pistol. You know at this point this chocolate is going to be better than good.
Once we peeled off the red tissue wrap, this cute little red box was tied with a black ribbon. The ribbon was embellished with a silver cowboy hat button. When I spend money to send someone a gift, I really appreciate a company that pays attention to detail like Cowgirl Chocolates.

Each chocolate, well mainly chocolate truffles was individually wrapped in cellophane/foil. Each one was amazing. The assortment in this box was phenomenal. Kaitlin and I did get into a bit of trouble. Lauren came in the room and caught us and demanded her fair share.
If you order these for yourself, all I can tell you is yes, you do want to share how extremely wonderful these candies taste and no you don't want to share because they are that wonderful.
All of the flavors got two thumbs up, my favorite is the habanero caramel.
Red - raspberry and dark chocolate
Gold - Double dark chocolate
Dark Blue - Hazelnut Milk Chocolate
Copper - Cappuccino
Brown Pillow - Habanero dark chocolate
Clear - Habanero caramel
Aqua - Double dark chocolate
Silver - Milk chocolate
Orange - Ivory Orange
Fuchsia Red - Raspberry Lemon
Check out Cowgirl Chocolates!


Darius T. Williams said...

All the candies sound great!

And don't you hate not being able to know how to work those fancy SLR cams?

Marjie said...

Oh, I love chocolate!

I never want to share it!

I need to sign up for free chocolates! Even if it forces me to take blurry pictures with an unfamiliar camera!

gigi said...

Sign me up to be a taste tester too! (say that 3 times fast)

Sorry yall got caught, I'd be hiding in my closet too if I had some Cowgirl chocolates. Wonder if those Cowboys at Walmart would like to share some in my closet??

The Blonde Duck said...

How can I not like anything that has cowgirl and chocolate?

You have to click the blue lulu by now button on the side of my blog where all the awards are, under the picture of the cover. I'm excited!

Andrea said...

Your blog is simply delicious!! So glad I stopped by...I will be back! :)

Pam said...

The raspberry lemon sounds so good! You can't beat getting free chocolates.

Debbie said...

The raspberry and dark chocolate does it for me!!!

Greg C said...

Some of those sounded good but some others just sounded strange. I bet I would like them though.

Maria said...

Love love love chocolate!!!

Reeni said...

The chocolates look great. I love all the out of the ordinary flavors!

lagirl said...

I bet those "Cowgirl" chocolates would be a BIG hit in Oklahoma, home of OSU "Cowboy" football. Everything on the entire campus is "cowgirl" this and "cowboy" that...I've never tasted "spicy" chocolate, but I've yet to meet a chocolate I didn't like...What a fun job you have!!. . .Thanks for stopping by my Blog, Friend.

Tiffany said...

These sound yummy! I just started up my own blog and if you don't mind I would like to add you to my blogroll.