Friday, December 5, 2008

Buttermilk Pralines

Pralines (Praw-leans) are a staple at Christmas time in New Orleans. During the holidays you will see a basket of these wax paper wrapped delights next to just about any cash register of any business you enter.
Pralines can be difficult to make at Christmas time because of the heat and humidity, but I guarantee, just like red beans and rice everyone has their own version, and they are all good.
I found this little gem in an old cookbook that was given to me a couple of years ago. This cookbook, called "Cooking Up a Storm' was put together by Katy Caire from Pass Christian, MS after Hurricane Camile devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1968. Katy obtained this recipe from a local New Orleans midday television personality Terry Flettrich.
Great Gramma Flettrich's buttermilk Pecan Pralines

1 cup buttermilk
2 cups sugar
Large pinch salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons vanilla
1/8 pound butter (1/2 stick, or 4 tablespoons)
2 cups pecans

Stir the buttermilk and sugar together plus soda and salt, and cook in deep pot, stirring all the time until mahogany brown in color. Add vanilla, butter and beat till almost thick. Add nuts and drop by spoonfuls on marble slab.


Debbie said...

The sound delicious!

Marjie said...

Ah, so that's a praline! Sounds good to me.

Dawn said...

oh dear buttermilk? good grief that sounds perfect!

Reeni said...

What a delicious treat, yum!

gigi said...

I just bought a half gallon of buttermilk for making red velvet cakes. I know I can spare some to try and make pralines. I like them but have never tried to make them myself. You know it's one of those things that I have always thought were to hard.

Tina said...

Oh my gosh! So delish!

Pam said...

I wish our stores sold prailine packages. Your recipe sounds fantastic.

priscilla said...

mmm, these look very delicious!!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Yum! I've never seen it made with buttermilk.

susan said...

Looks and sounds delicious!