Friday, July 8, 2011

Grilled Shrimp Terrebonne

Our niece is getting married so while we're in town visiting friends and relatives, we had to go to the French Quarter to get our Central Grocery Muffaletta fix.

On the 4th of July, we visited some very good friends of ours in Terrebonne (Terra-bone) Parish and I wanted to share with all of you a really simple and delicious way to prepare leftover or small shrimp Cajun style.  What made this special was the four of us made an assembly line and talked and drank and talked and drank so it seemed to come together very quickly.  An added bonus was I had no shortage of volunteers for hand models.

Cut 1 pound of bacon in half.  Depending on how many skewers you will need and how much shrimp you have, you may need 2 pounds of bacon.

Wrap a shrimp (two shrimp if the shrimp are really small) in a half slice of bacon.  Our hosts told us they usually butterfly the shrimp and insert a small sliver of jalapeno pepper before wrapping the shrimp in the bacon. 

Slide a skewer through the bacon wrapped shrimp.  While we were assembling, we decided to use two skewers to make it easier to turn the shrimp in the grill.

At this point we were yelling at the coals to HURRY UP so we could get these babies cooking.

These are cooking low and slow over the coals in order for the bacon to cook and crisp up and in order not to over cook the shrimp.

Once the bacon is cooked, thin slices of pepper jack cheese are layered on top of the shrimp skewers.

Once the cheese has melted remove the skewers from the grill.  Remove the shrimp from the skewers and dip in melted butter.

Did you know it's illegal in Terrebonne Parish for a person's underwear to show above the waistline of their pants?  I like that law, please pass a napkin.


Laura Jeanne said...

Katherine, these look awesome. I can practically taste the bacon and shrimp together... great combo!!!
thanks for sharing

The Japanese Redneck said...

OMG...luv the cheese addition.

Joycee said...

Oh Lord, thank you for bacon and for shrimp and for butter...amen!

Pam said...

Shrimp. Bacon. Cheese. I love you.

Kirsten Lindquist said...

holy canoli! you just keep piling it on! I love the butterfly/jalapeno part, fab idea!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Love the addition of cheese.

Julie said...

I love everything about that recipe! Sounds like a good law, I'm really tired of having to look at people's underwear, ha!

Chris said...

ha ha ha ha I tricked them! I'm not WEARING any pants with a waistline :)

Yes, these are a must do at the Cajun get together whenever we do that!

David said...

Katherine, Dynamite looking shrimp! Shrimp, bacon, cheese, butter...can't miss! The Jalapeno peppers addition would also be a nice twist on the recipe. I could eat these a couple of times a week... Thanks and take care, Big Daddy Dave

tamilyn said...

Dude loves shrimp-he would so dig these!

The Blonde Duck said...