Sunday, April 3, 2011

Product Review - Zevia

Jack Follman is doing PR for Zevia and was kind enough to send a couple of samples to me me to sample.

In case you havent' heard of Zevia, Zevia is the first and only brand focused on a great tasting, all natural, zero calorie soda sweetened with stevia, today reveals a new can design and the launch of five new flavors to its existing variety of seven. New flavors include Grape, Mountain Zevia, Grapefruit Citrus, Caffeine Free Cola and Cream Soda. The new Zevia cans come in bold colors that capture the flavor of each variety on

Zevia is the No.1 carbonated beverage in natural products stores nationwide, and aims to remind consumers “what soda should always have been.” It is a delicious alternative for soda drinkers and diet soda drinkers looking for beverage options without sugar, calories and artificial sweeteners. The line of sodas is sweetened with stevia, a South American plant that does not affect blood glucose levels or contain calories. The new flavors are 100 percent natural formulas that are vegan, Kosher and gluten-free.

Jack sent caffeine free cola and black cherry cola to us.  A.J. got into the cola not knowing it was a big no-no.  He's not one to ever, ever drink a diet soda.  This has to be a big testament to Zevia since he enjoyed the cola and didn't know it was a "diet" soda.  Kaitlin ans I tried out the black cherry soda.  The taste was smooth and refreshing.  The black cheery flavor was clean.  No evidence of that "diet" soda aftertaste in this beverage.

Check out Zevia's website and look for there beverage in the many flavors they offer at your local grocer!


MaryBeth said...

I would love to try this..I will have to look around my local stores to see if any one has it.

John Roberts said...

No corn syrup? No caffeine? I don't get it. ;-)