Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A.J.'s Grilled Shrimp

I have been battling a cold and I REALLY have not felt like cooking the past few days. My husband had a wonderful treat Friday evening, he grilled shrimp. You can use them as an appetizer, main dish or top off a salad.

A.J.'s Grilled Shrimp - Peel and butterfly 1 lb. shrimp to leaving the tail and last shell section at the tail. Place shrimp in medium bowl season with lemon pepper, cayenne and season salt. Heat up outdoor grill and place an outdoor grill pan on grill to pre-heat for about 5 minutes. Place shrimp in grill pan and grill until pink. At this point brush shrimp with extra virgin olive oil and continue cooking until done.


Ben said...

That sounds easy enough. I am going to make garlic shrimp tonight. It is an easy recipe, too. But I am going to add a kick of wine or beer. I haven't decided yet.

n33ma said...

I luv shrimp and its such an easy recipe