Friday, February 8, 2008

Ribeye with Penne Pasta

This is an easy and affordable dish that stretches out a couple of ribeye steaks if you are serving steak and pasta lovers.

Ribeyes with Penne Pasta - Season two ribeyes steaks with salt and pepper or McCormick's Montreal Grill Seasoning. Heat a large pot over medium-high heat and add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. When oil is heated, sear the steaks for about 3 minutes each side. Remove from pan set aside to cook. Add 2 more tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to the pan and saute a couple of handfuls of sliced baby bella mushrooms and one medium, thinly sliced red onion until the mushrooms start turning golden brown and the onion is translucent. Add salt and cracked black pepper to the pan while the veggies are sauteing. Then add four cloves of minced garlic and 1 teaspoon of dried oregano and saute for about 1 minute. Add 3/4 cup of red wine and saute for another minute to deglaze the pot. Stir in 1-28 oz. jar of your favorite red spaghetti or marinara sauce and 1 cup of beef broth. Cover pot and reduce to simmer.

While the sauce is simmering cook penne pasta in salted water until al dente and drain. Now, trim the fat from the ribeyes and cut into bite size pieces. The ribeye pieces should be rare in the center. Add the ribeye pieces and any juices to the sauce to finish cooking. When the pasta is cooked and drained, add to sauce and stir gently to blend.

Serve in bowls or plates and garnish with shaved parmesan.

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