Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life Happens...It's All Good

I received quite a few emails yesterday and today about my absence from blogging.  Ya'll are too much, I love it!  

Well kids, life happens and some things just need to be put on the back burner for a little while.  Sorry to say blogging was it for me.

As most of you know my mother passed away in the beginning of February.  After arriving back home from New Orleans from her funeral, A.J. and I were left with the task to cleaning out her condo plus all the little tasks such as address changes, cancelling utilities, insurance policies, credit cards, etc...  This took up every weekend through the first weekend of April.

We had a difficult time hauling boxes back and forth from her condo to a mini storage we rented and then to our house because A.J.'s truck was rear-ended and knocked into a gully.  He cut his head and hurt his shoulder and is still going through physical therapy.

A couple of days before A.J.'s little fender-bender, my youngest homegirl, Kaitlin, tore her ACL playing soccer and she had surgery during Spring Break.  She's doing great, sassy as ever!  Working hard to get back on that soccer field.  

Our next stop, Senior Prom.  Our eldest homegirl, Lauren, and her boyfriend at World's Fair Park in Knox Vegas...and don't you know it's all about the dress!  A.J. and I and our neighbors, who have two children the same ages as ours, had to go out to dinner that night and celebrate (drink excessively) and cry (drink excessively) because you know what?  These kiddos grew up way too fast.

This past Monday was bittersweet...Lauren went and graduated from high school on us.

Our niece and her husband drove up to share this celebration with us. We had a blast spending time with them this weekend.  It meant so much to all of us for them to be here. 

So what do you think; is Kaitlin happy for her sister or is she making plans to knock down a wall to make her room bigger?

So kiddos whether you make plans or not, life happens, but it's all good!

See you Sunday at the 3rd Annual East Tennessee Blogger Get Together at Larry's.  I'll be the one eating boil crawfish Cher!

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Penny said...

Looking forward to seeing you there Katherine.

Marguerite said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, Katherine. Hugs.

Congrats to Lauren on her graduation! Have fun at the party and have a drink for me!

David said...

Katherine... Our prayers for you and your mother. You have had one heck of a run lately! (Both bittersweet, good and bad!) Yikes! If I was A.J. I'd be milking that injury for all it was worth! See you soon... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Claudia said...

The kids do nothing but grow - and it's all grand. Sometimes life is bittersweet - does the bitter help you appreciate the sweet?

The Japanese Redneck said...

Time sure gets away from us.

Hopefully everybody is on the mend and things will be smooth for a while.